Content Management System

EDC’s Content Management System (CMS) has everything you will need to keep your website in constant “engage-mode” with customers and visitors.  Our CMS solutions can help you take control of your website by reducing the time to publish and recurring costs of ownership while considerably improving visitor engagement. From supporting to help organize your web transactions, to managing live data, content and visual branding banners and media - our CMS is powered to make your website updates, centralized, easy, secure & dynamic.

Our CMS is robust and makes it fun for anyone to maintain their own website - without having to spend a fortune on maintenance and technology skills. It is very fast and easy-to-use and what you get is full control on your web zones, content (visual, animated & static), transactions, and yes of course, the web traffic analysis data that can be further leveraged for business development and effective web marketing strategies.

EDC’s expertise in the CMS space also includes customization, implementation & support of various open source web content management solutions such as Joomla, Drupal, Alfresco and DotNetNuke.

Some Features & Benefits of our CMS:
  • Customised Content management system based on Approved B2C GUI.
  • Country specific content management
  • Module Based Management.
  • Page layout template selection
  • Unlimited logical page creation with SEO features.
  • SEO friendly URL.
  • WYSIWYG Editor for content management
  • Publishing and un-publishing of Contents.
  • User Manager with privilege control.
  • Centralised assets repository for media contents.
  • Multilingual.
  • Image Resizing.
  • Style sheet based content editing
  • Silent Features: Spell Checker, Image Resizing, CSS based content control, File validations
  • Newsletter.
  • Advertisement management.
  • Incorporated the major OWASP rules to enhance the security features.
  • Content management system user log.