Often, manufacturers and operators in aerospace, engineering, OEMs come to a stand-off against the challenges associated with their technical publications. From the need to deliver and distribute updated technical support documentation timely, to meeting regulatory mandates for accurate and updated technical publications to enabling their equipment operators in maintaining and repairing their revenue-centres faster than ever. The need for interactive, easy-to-access accurate publications is all pervasive.

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EDC's DigiCATTMplatform presents high-quality, cost-effective alternative for management and delivery of technical data & publications. DigiCATTM offers a comprehensive web-based framework to address every aspect of technical publication process, from authoring and delivery of simple manuals and service bulletins, to development of complex Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Electronic Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IETM/EIPC).

DigiCATTM Features
  • Indexed tables for Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) with GUI
  • 2D/3D models, schematics and illustrations with real time views
  • Lightweight 2D representations comprising of geometry, text, textures and interaction for easy sharing across the network
  • Searchable repositories and tagged search of parts and location of parts in large assemblies indexed by part name and part number
  • Illustrated parts catalogue integration with cross-module access by hyperlinks
  • Context-sensitive tags assigned to the parts covering service and support information
  • Administrators are provided access to update and maintain critical aspects like Add/Edit/Delete Parts and Assembly, and Cataloguing

The DigiCATTM platform supports technical authoring and illustration modelling, that includes IETM, EIPC, e-Learning and training support assets, industry standards expertise (including S1000D™, S2000M, and ATA iSpec 2200), and facilitates delivery in universal formats as well as print-on-demand.

EDC’s DigiCATTM platform offers a proficient web-based solution for authoring and delivery of technical publications across corporate, engineering and defense verticals.