SecureNet - Project & Access Management System

EDC’s SecureNetTM platform is a client-side, multi-tenant, scalable and secure project-and-access management system. An interactive project management dashboard enables critical data access and management sharing within the organization.

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SecureNetTM offers web-based network application design that can be positioned to coordinate project activities across the enterprise. It has been successfully implemented as a project management & tracking information system, with collaboration based sharing console amongst employees and clients with well-defined access privileges.

SecureNetTM enables client access to project data and reporting as well as collaboration for review and feedback. The data, notes and reviews can be recorded for re-visit as defined by the set-up of multiple interaction levels. EDC’s SecureNetTM records all transactions while providing seamless but controlled access across the organization and through open-web if necessary.


EDC SecureNetTM Platform Benefits
  • Secure client & project teams access to project documents & reports
  • Access privileges and interaction levels based on the management and project structure
  • Client access through web-based three-tiered security application
  • Record of all project data, review notes and approvals along with time sheets
  • Trail of all transactions including reviews, revisions and approvals by client & project teams
  • Secure IM collaboration
  • Agile framework, deployable in less than 3 weeks
  • Customized to organizational requirements
  • Integrated e-learning modules for easier help and support