Highly dynamic, interactive solutions are borne out of ICT interventions for experiential branding and marketing. EDC delivers such futuristic and engaging interventions from technology-and-content perspective in form of EDC XPCMTM.

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EDC understands the need of interaction for large form factors. The need of the hour is to build a platform that manages these digital assets. EDC experience centres utilize natural human gestures and fun-to-use technology setups to create a unique, exciting experience for learning and exploration. The technology has been built to thoroughly engage mass audiences by converting open spaces into engaging, fun-filled environments.

The treatment of content is fresh brief with a lean on interactive delivery and communicative 3D

Interactive models, rich media content & programming are aligned to engage the audiences

HD digital canvas with 4th generation technologies like Passive 3D, Microsoft Surface (PixelSense), Microsoft Kinect, ActionScript 3.0 and Touch-and-Gesture interfaces combine with sensor-driven intelligent-programming to drive content and interaction for visitor involvement and experience

Media Mix
The perfect mix of multimedia technology, design and programming is used to strike the balance between information, education and edutainment

Presentation & Aesthetics
Space design, displays and projection systems integrate with the existing architecture to create a blend of visually dramatic experience

EDC XPCMTM Platform Elements
  • Space & Concept Design with Visualization
  • Multimedia info-graphics designs
  • Stereoscopic 3D display technologies
  • Touch panel content generation
  • Interactive gesture-based technology components
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Walls
  • Large format interactive Models-and-Exhibits

At EDC, we treat XPCMTM platform as a vast canvas – a fine milieu for the confluence of the various competencies that we bring to the table – creativity, technology and domain knowledge.

Corporate entities have implemented EDC XPCMTMto showcase their products and journey since inception for experiential and emotional branding. This platform has been explored for implementation across exhibitions of natural phenomena, historical artifacts, science-at-work and technological inventions. EDCs XPCMTM development for the conceptualization, design, development & implementation of interactive museums and digital experience centres has been recognized and implemented since 2000.