e-WriteMate - Form Processing Software

The premiere turnkey, digital solution, EDC eWriteMate allows organizations to take a huge step in converting form based data into a paperless operations strategy. Where most administrative and operational functions are paper-based, eWriteMate measurably improves the turnaround time for surveys and data gathering, while reducing the error rate.

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EDC eWriteMate recognizes natural handwriting and converts it into digital information – XML format. The workflow is considerably improved with data being made immediately available in universal formats for further use in third-party applications, avoiding tedious and time consuming data entry processes.

EDC eWriteMate offers specialized form processing software with Hi-Tech Form Builder. It is an easy-to-use, powerful application to create professional forms within minutes including input boxes, text areas, labels, isolated fields, lines and more. It also supports addition of images and adjustment of aesthetics. The drag-and-drop, Hi-Tech Designer workspace allows extremely easy creation and modification of forms for instant conversion to electronic data.



The Hi-Tech Form Processor software for eWriteMate converts a wide array of visually varied, form formats into convenient digital version enhancing the ease of filling, saving, and retrieving data. The electronically saved data in universal file formats can be accessed, managed, filtered and searched from anywhere, anytime. eWriteMate also allows real time capture of notes, sketches and annotations.


The intuitive data capturing and the cost effectiveness of the EDC eWriteMate makes it a necessary addition across the verticals from SMEs to enterprises.