Electronic Illustrated Parts Catalogs

At EDC, our goal is to make substantial improvements in our customers’ businesses, which can be measured by their bottom line. We accomplish this by approaching the challenges they face from the perspective of their customers, by integrating new processes, systems and technology and by providing them with benefits that translate into growth. With this perspective, EDC offers Electronic Illustrated Parts Catalogs (EIPC) as a unique creative technology solution that connects extremely well with all the critical stake-holders.


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EDC’s Electronic Illustrated Parts Catalogs (EIPC) can help automate electronic catalog production and thereby  your customers can more economically get information - faster and easier. With our unique approach to EIPCs you can:


  • Consolidate thousands of part numbers from multiple files and different formats into a single user interface
  • Link part numbers to applications, technical diagrams, reference manuals, photos, and more
  • Publish e-catalogs, e-guides, and e-learning modules from the same data source
  • Maintain the same user-friendliness of your voluminous printed catalogs
  • Increase sales by getting the most current information to your customers faster, with less effort
  • Seamlessly upgrade by adding modules as your business needs growth