Gesture Wall
Understanding the need of interaction availability for large form factors EDC brings to you the Gesture wall. This offering utilizes natural human gestures for interaction without the requirement of physical touch creating a unique experience for learning and exploration by masses. The technology has been built to capture the imagination of the user/audience by converting conventional displays into an engaging, fun-filled environment.



The technology developed has been perfected to allow the tracking of viewer’s gestures in 2D, effectively simulating multi-touch input capabilities. In its current applicability, the concept is highly engaging at the least and, most importantly, functional for scalable form factors.

Our large format displays ensure exciting, entertaining and educative experiences. Transform spaces into interactive zones that capture the imagination and enhance the experience of the users/audience. We have already implemented the same successfully in museums, exhibitions and experience centers. The EDC Gesture Wall promises an unforgettable experience of interaction by mere gestures, attracting more customers to indulge in this fantastic interface.