Surface Computing

EDC’s Surface Computing Solution incorporates the latest in multi-touch technology and the intuitive Natural User Interface. It enables the use of adaptive multi-touch and of real world objects to interact with digital content. The multiprocessing capabilities originate from its powerful embedded system created with a combination of vision based multi-touch PC hardware and 360-degree multi-user application design to create the paramount user-experience. 



The Surface product, boasts a rear projection display, with integrated computing hardware, and near-infrared cameras that can see fingers and objects placed on the display. The product and its applications are designed to sense as many as 52 simultaneous multi-touch points of contact from all sides to simultaneously share and interact with digital content. It allows the recognition of fingers, hands, and objects that are placed on the screen, allowing vision-based interaction. 

Surface Computing Solution presents infinite possibilities of interactive interface with technology and information with an engaging memorable experience. Catering to multiple users simultaneously it expands its user base ideal for public spaces.  Whether the objective is to make learning more fun or to collaborate over visualization, modeling and simulations, EDC’s Surface Computing Solution is perfect for healthcare, education, creative communication and other business environments.