Healthcare Solutions - Patient Data Management System

EDC’s focus on designing and delivering innovative products for personal and corporate productivity has led to paperless, highly flexible Patient Data Management System - the eDiary and the FormFill Solution.

EDC’s Healthcare Solutions offerings enable an environment friendly, intuitive, data entry and management solution by digital capturing the handwritten notes for customized form formats into a portable, manageable spreadsheet. The data capture is highly firewalled and very secure without the security measures proving to be an interruption of the process. The manageable file sizes, portability and universal file formats serve to enhance productivity at lower costs.

Whatever your profession be - executives, doctors, consultants or students – eDiary makes it extremely easy to manage large amounts of patient and survey data, encapsulated to provide meaningful filters and analysis at your fingertips. The FormFill solution adds to the organizational value chain by terminating the expenses behind form management and the data conversion from hard to soft.