Enterprise Web Solutions
EDC’s experience of more than a decade combined with design innovation has culminated into the perfect blend of technology and design for our Web Solutions. EDC Web Solutions offer organization specific, customized business solutions that address the website, intranet and extranet development requirements.


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Our website design & development expertise aligns with our client’s enterprise business requirements to create a powerful online user experience. EDC’s web development approach strives to create the ideal design, content and interactivity mix. Our transparent project lifecycle enables client collaboration to create on-time, to-budget offerings that ensure user-delight.

EDC Web Solutions’ have benefitted clients across multiple geographies and verticals with services in website development and maintenance, web portals, micro-sites, E-Business Solutions, Talent Management, Intranets and Extranets.
Lotus has been associated with EDC for more than a decade and has always been the 1st and only choice for Lotus. It has been a pleasure working with the EDC team. All members of the team are friendly, cooperative, supportive and provide fast responses to queries and requirements. EDC comes with innovative ideas to maximize the response for the activity under discussion.
Mr. P. Prasad Rao
AGM, Business Development
Lotus Labs Pvt Limited, Bangalore