Web Marketing & SEO Services

At EDC, we are focused on harnessing the power of Web 2.0 technologies to build collaboration & community tools that can create a social business solution and drive new revenue opportunities. Today, we have the expertise to evolve and maintain the ideal social media strategy for our customers, who look at building powerful business communities & influence networks online.

Online communities can influence your business directly and provide newer opportunities for revenue and innovation. Hence, it is important to build and sustain the right information, interaction and collaboration frameworks and tools for your Web 2.0 strategy to deliver results.

EDC has designed and built powerful online business communities that make use of a variety of Web 2.0 tools to enable one-to-one and group-to-group communication and collaboration. Real time (synchronous) communication is supported through various text and instant messaging editors, while asynchronous communication is enabled though member directories, community web zones, collaboration transactions and opinion polls/surveys.

We have built advanced Web 2.0 frameworks in the medical domain to support doctor, patient & hospital communities for interactions, registration, electronic commerce, directories with member profiles, community documentation, reports, articles, transcripts, archives, and much more.

We have designed and developed several Web 2.0 tools and widget libraries that directly support communication, collaboration and community objectives in your social business solution. Besides our expertise includes design, customization and maintenance of several social media tools like – Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS customization, Wikipedia and other mobile applications.

More recently we have started developing social business solutions using JIVE 4.0 for some of our forward thinking customers. JIVE is built for the enterprise, and integrates the most powerful aspects of collaboration, community, and social networking software to deliver the richest user experience for every type of online community: employee, public or both.