Web Marketing & SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services can bring in much desired traffic into your website and become a prime driver of your web promotion and online business strategy. Since more than 80 percent of Internet users trust search engines to fetch results, it is imperative that you plan and implement a reliable SEO program that can rank your business higher to completion.




However, easily said than done, getting up to the top 10 in the online world is a challenge. EDC is here to help you plan and implement the most effective SEO program that can meet your aspirations for being on top and deliver marketing results.

Our organic SEO management services takes into consideration various “on-site” and “off-site” factors.


On-site activities
  • Content
  • Design
  • META Tags
  • Internal Link Structure
Off-site activities
  • Link Popularity
  • Link Baiting
  • Trust Rank
Listed below are some of the key process indicators of our organic SEO:
  • Short listing of key phrases to be promoted in the Search Engines - The key phrases are chosen on basis of relevance and popularity. References from Keyword tools and competing websites will used in short listing the keywords.
  • Analysis of competition for the key phrases and the pattern of results for the search phrases, which feed into strategic optimization process.
  • Identification of pages in the website to be optimized based on the finalized list of Key Phrases.
  • Content optimization in the existing web pages and designing new pages as required, if relevant pages don`t exist for optimization.
  • Website Design Optimization if required.
  • META tag optimization – includes Title attributes, Description tag, Keyword tag and ALT attributes and internal linking Optimization.
Our SEO program includes the following tasks:
  • Implementation – by making changes to the web site as suggested in the optimization report.
  • Link Popularity activity by getting the site listed with relevant sites and directories.
  • Monitoring, reporting and maintaining results.
  • Periodical review of the website optimized to keep in sync with the changing Search Engine Algorithm, increasing competition and possible editions of key phrases.
  • Analysis of the website log report to ascertain the benefit accrued by implementing Search Engine Optimization and ranking.
  • Although, results of optimization take some time to show, we work with you closely to keep the SEO program upbeat to fetch constant ranking results.
  • EDC offers very competitive pricing for SEO services and a wide range of organic plans to choose from. So, whether you are thinking big or small - we can help make the difference to your web ranking.