Professional Website Design & Development

EDC provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. At EDC our focus is on designing and crafting websites and web solutions that translate into delivering measurable business results for our clients. We conjure up the right mix of design, content, functionality & promotional strategies for your website, thereby ensuring that you have the right online business drivers at play.

Our web design and development approach is like none other – utilizing the best of rich media innovation and usability standards to create unmatched user experience and interactivity.

We set forth by mapping your business need using a white canvas approach, and shape up the best winning strategy on the web, having understood your marketing, sales and brand drivers. We are forthcoming with new ideas, quick to provide innovative approaches, and willing to go that extra mile to deliver a creative-technology solution like none other.

Our content, design & technology teams have a good understanding of varying customer and business needs, cultural sensibilities to design and unmatched skills to shape up the most appropriate online solution.

EDC ensures a complete professional web development program that includes - Branding, Design, Content, Interaction, Transactions & Content Management expertise. We provide managed hosting support through reliable global partners and maintenance services, thus making us a one-stop-shop for all your web solution requirements.

Over the last decade EDC has powered some innovative solutions in the following areas:

Dynamic Websites - The chief purpose of a dynamic website is automation of the design & content layers existent, thereby providing the much desired “publish-in-real time” benefits. A dynamic website is one that allows you the flexibility to change or customize information and design frequently and automatically, based on certain established criteria. EDC believes a dynamic website can operate more effectively, be built more efficiently and is easier to maintain, update and expand. Dynamic websites can also engage and provide an interactive user interface, designed to allow easy follow-through from a usability point of view.

Flash Websites - Flash websites are increasingly changing the way we interact with design and information, moving away from the traditional methods of web-browsing. Flash is effectively used to create animated websites with sound, video & motion effects that offer high levels of interactivity to introduce both products and services. At EDC, we design Flash interactive websites that are rich in design, and supported with XML, JavaScript & Ajax programming, thereby reducing the load of the graphics content without sacrificing the design, interactivity & transactions impact.

Web Portals - In today’s knowledge-intensive environment, portals become your “call for action” tools that can be accessed anytime – anywhere. Hence, they have become valuable organization & business drivers for information, communication, collaboration and business automation. EDC delivers end-to-end portal solutions expertise, employing the latest technologies and business tools to shape solutions for Business Networks and Communities, Associations & Memberships, Information distribution & automation, B2C and B2B E-Business solutions, Enterprise Information Portals and Application/Web Services Portals.

Microsites - Microsites are focused, high impact websites that lend themselves expertly to advertising an event, promoting a brand or launching a campaign. At EDC, we trust microsites are powerful on-line marketing tools that can become core drivers of your promotional strategy and attract additional traffic to your site or product. Besides microsites can also create a lasting impression with your customers, considering the flexibility in the website address and sub domain nomenclature that they provide. EDC’s approach gives you the flexibility to change the design and content at your will to showcase your product or service better, yet maintaining corporate alignment.

Rich Internet Applications -EDC has expertise, experience and resources to offer you best solutions for Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development. Our RIA development environment offers wide experience in interactive design, adopting Flash, Flex, Action Scripting & Ajax programming in equal measure to deliver unfailing results. Our RIA services enable organizations to make a lasting impression through the quality of interactions and user experience delivered on their websites. Rich Internet Applications are defined as the combination of the best user interface functionality of desktop software applications with the broad reach and low-cost deployment of Web applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication.