e-Diary, a Handwriting Recognition Software

EDC’s focus on delivering innovative products for personal and corporate productivity has led to a highly flexible notes management solution - the eDiary.


Created to reinvent the term “diary” altogether, eDiary is designed to capture the handwritten pages and store them to computers with a click. Simple, sleek, stylish and mirroring the form factor of a notebook, the eDiary is extremely portable. It supports hand written notes on normal paper to store the information digitally.
Incorporating a standard sized notebook fitted with a small base unit (receiver) at the top-margin and an e-Pen (transmitter), it captures the handwritten strokes sequentially. This data can then be downloaded to computers or smart-phones through USB cable or Bluetooth. It also allows real time capture of non-linear data including sketching and annotations. The eDiary is supported with a software that affords high versatility and is user-friendly, allowing the organization and management tasks, search functions and data sharing in industry compatible file formats.
Whatever your profession be - executives, doctors, consultants, students and journalists – eDiary is the premiere solution for any individual who writes using normal paper, but would like to store and retrieve handwritten notes digitally. Since the technology uses hand writing technology using normal paper & pen, it does not necessitate learning any new skills – all you have to do is pick the pen and start writing to experience the magic.
EDC e-Diary Features
  • Captures as you write
  • Saves/stores up to 200 pages
  • Can convert handwritten notes to text
  • Can merge multiple pages into a unified document
  • Enables non-linear, specific searches within the stored data
  • Allows sending e-mails and MMS of notes
  • Bluetooth enabled and supported on mobile devices
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Based on Infrared (IR) technology, providing greater accuracy