Website Packages

Mastering the art of managing dynamic websites with the help of highly structured Content Management System (CMS) is one thing and creating template-based packages is yet another!


At EDC, we have optimized on various components in the development of a corporate website and have evolved a top quality solution for quick, easy and affordable website production. The best part about our templatized development is the simplicity - you decide which template-based version suits your organization and we shall customize it in the best possible time-n-cost. And there you have it – your website is up and running within as little as a few days from the word go!

The packages include:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Easy Commerce
  • Platinum
So, when choosing any one of our dynamic, CMS-powered template version as your website design, you can always be rest assured that you get a premium quality product along with a load of absolutely essential features. Click here to chose the one that suits your dynamic requirement.