Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) enable efficient management of technical documentation and hence are a better and smarter documentation choice. IETMs have extensively been used in Defense for maintenance and diagnosis of various mission-critical systems. To maintain the high standards of quality and efficiency, the commercial marketplace too has now begun to adapt the Defense standards in areas of maintenance, service, and parts manuals.


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Our IETM is a boon to technical and customer support technicians as they provide multiple presentation choices, a proven, non-proprietary, user-friendly browsing environment, and the ability to quickly access the latest available information.

EDC’s standards-based approach to technical documentation services allows deployment in any medium, including CD-ROM or Web delivery systems. Since we develop IETMs for enterprise-wide support chain solutions, companies can quickly and easily roll out their IETMs into their aftermarket and support operations. Our IETMs are scalable and empower your business which will in turn improve product support information and that maximizes the value and utility of the data.