2D / 3D Animation Company

Oncologists, Aerospace Engineers, Architects, Corporate Executives, Shop Floor Supervisors and excited school kids – just a random sample of the motley crowd that have ‘experienced’ the creative flair of the teams that concoct high impact animations. Path breaking animation concepts and exemplary utilization of these productions into strategic communications ensure that you capture maximum eye balls and mindshare.


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While enabling the wow factor is the basic premise of every concept and creation, we ensure that every animation that comes to life in our design studio delivers measurable impact to help you achieve outstanding business results. Teams at EDC possess strong capabilities in both 2D and 3D animations – presenting the combined creative fire power of innovative concepts and outstanding production values. Our solution offering across the 2D and 3D animation landscape does not stop at weaving the magic, our teams can provide the most pragmatic creative communication strategy, device concepts, generate voice over scripts develop customized animations and deliver the production across various platforms - blending the delight of moving imagery with best in technology.

From driving home the survival benefits of a new drug with a complete 3D movie that has the sub-cellular ambience as the locale, to extolling the performance virtues of precision engineering equipment – 3D animation & production capabilities at EDC have added value to the communication and lasting impact on target audiences. We have the required talent and wherewithal to provide a wide range of 3D animation solutions – including modeling, concept animations, walkthroughs, interior design, process animations, character animations, and product films and so on.

So, the next time you need to market a concept or sell a product, or explain a process, or create that all important impression – animation teams at EDC can pack the punch into your communication.



We are happy to have EDC as one of our partner and support in marketing communication. “We have utilised the services of EDC for making a new product launch video and animation for working principle of our machines. EDC has a very talented and qualified team who has delivered top quality videos within agreed time. We are very happy with their services and wish all them the best.“
Sujit Pande
Global Product Manager – Rice milling